May 28, 2005

It was a beautiful Memorial Day on the Trace, and literally hundreds of people were
out to walk, ride, skate, and run on the Trace. Here are pictures of some of the folks we met. 
We tried to get names, but they are not necessarily in the right order.

Jake Clark, June Clark, Hilton and Libby Sullivan, and Aaron Downing from Ovett;
 Don Montgomery and Elois Dean from Hattiesburg; 
Brad , La Wanna and Bridgett (age 1) Russell from Bay Springs;
all met at Epley to enjoy a ride on the Trace

Wayne Ray, Susan Ray, Stewart Ray, Charlie Clark, Gail Bishop, and Lauren Clark at Epley

Phillip Wedgeworth, Becky Loper, and Shelton Loper from Laurel rode
 from Jackson Road, enjoyed breakfast at Faye's in Sumrall, and returned.

Faye's is on Main Street in Sumrall near Hwy 42.
They are open 6:15 am - 9:00 pm Monday thru Saturday, and have an extensive menu

(L to R) Carolyn Hagler, Nan Broadhead, Ed Crockett, Jean Crockett, and Sharon Lucy
also rode to Faye's and reportedly enjoyed an excellent lunch.

Tyrone and Eric Lott seemed to be enjoying a ride on a pair of high spirited horses

The Ashmore children had a deluxe ride, complete with refreshments

The beaver pond has magnificent lily pads

A large group from the Community Bible Church in Hattiesburg
picnicked at Clyde Depot

The Pellegrin family prepares to set out from Jackson Road.
Note that the parking lot is filled to overflowing, as it was all day.