News 2001

August 19, 2001

Herlon Pierce,

    My brother-in-law and I drove from Mobile to Hattiesburg yesterday and then rode the Long Leaf Trace from Jackson Road Station to Prentiss and back.  We really enjoyed the outing.  The trail was in excellent condition, and the trail maintenance was outstanding.  It was obvious that someone was spending a lot of time on the trail. 

    One suggestion I might offer from hiking many miles on the Appalachian Trail.  Place some trail registers at the entrance points so people who use the trail could sign in.  Then you would have an idea of who uses your trail. 

    We also had a very enjoyable lunch at the park in Prentiss.  After buying some sandwiches at the Subway outlet, we relaxed in the gazebo in the park.  Thanks to the people who maintain that area.

    Thank you again for all you do.  It is greatly appreciated.

Don W. Jones

LTC(Ret), U.S. Army

Dear Sirs,
This is just to let you know that we two senior citizens (my sister-in-law and I) plan to finish walking the trail tomorrow (May 20) if the weather is cooperative.  My husband will drive us to Ed Parkman Road and let us off to finish the last 2.3 miles that we have not walked; then we'll meet him in Prentiss to celebrate by having lunch at the Country Fisherman.  This has been an exhilarating experience to find that we can do it a little bit at the time and still enjoy the beautiful scenery, the magical sights, and the wonderful peacefulness of the Longleaf Trace.  We found the people on and off the trail were friendly and gracious.  Thank you for the foresightedness of making this possible.
Penny Kochtitzky, (Age, 71)

(Ms. Kochtitzky is one of the area's leading conservationists and naturalists) 

 The word is getting around!

The Longleaf Trace was featured in the Spring 2001 issue
of the Rails to Trails Conservancy newsletter, and also 
in the January issue of American City & Country 

See one person's reaction to our article in the Rails to Trails magazine below:

For more pictures, see our April Collection, and Memorial Day

First aid kits were initially placed every 5 miles along the Trace. These were put up as an Eagle Scout project by Jared Cobb of the Dixie Community. After some period of use, it was determined that having first aid kits at each station would be sufficient. Feel free to use them as needed, then please let the Trail Manager know if one needs to be re-supplied. 

Magie and Dwight Blakeslee from Hilton Head Island, SC were visitors in 2001. 
They had parked their RV at 4K Stables, and planned to ride the Trace for 2 days. 
They are also riding similar trails in TX, LA, AL, and GA on this trip. 
They were observed picking up trash when we saw them at Carson! 

November 25, 2000. The Trace photographer again 
manages to go out on the trail on a very cloudy day 

Some group activities have been held on the Trace  

The fall colors are beautiful along the trail 

Shannon Manix enjoys a ride on her new bike near Clyde Station

On Sunday, November 5, a group of 28 riders from the bicycle clubs in Jackson came to 
ride the Trace. They would have had a much larger group but for the rainy weather in 
Jackson and also in the local area. Many others were also out despite the weather.

A large group from Laurel picnics at Clyde Depot

Mr. and Mrs. Bond, owners of Clyde Depot, enjoy a ride on the Trace

Carroll Cook shows Darlene (a visitor from Houston TX) 
and Becky his new Raleigh Tandem near Clyde

The Jackson riders even brought an aid station just in case! 
Here some local riders cop a few Famous Amos cookies. In the background
is Heath Graham's bike shop/game room/snack bar/cart rental under construction.

On September 23, 2000, Vicki Copeland, Shirley Morris, and Sandra Dudley
met Mr. and Mrs. Moody (Vicki's neighbors) at the Epley Station.  They
had arranged with Mr. and Mrs. Saucier to bring their golf carts so that
the Moodys could take a ride on the trail.  The Moodys had been reading
about the progress of the Longleaf Trace and had expressed an interest
in seeing it.  It had rained that morning, so we weren't sure that we
could take the ride.  The rain broke just in time and it turned out to
be a beautiful morning.  Shirley, Sandra and Vicki brought their
bicycles and rode along with the golf carts.  We took them from Epley to
Clyde Depot and back for an 8 mile ride.  Everyone had a great time.
Ms. Moody now  wants a golf cart!  Everyone appreciated the Sauciers
sharing their golf carts with the Moodys.  It turned out that they knew each
other.  The Moodys are hoping to be able to see other parts of the trail.



Pictures taken September 16, 2001

This delightful group came from Picayune to ride the Trace 

Some riders bring strange friends

Bill Tigner and Phil Broome were riding Prentiss-Hattiesburg and return as part of 
their training for a ride from Vicksburg to Nashville on the Natchez Trace this Fall

Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg has become a mile sponsor

Does natural camouflage work? Hint - there are more gray geese
than white geese in this picture taken at a pond west of Sumrall