News 2006

See the Hattiesburg American Article on the 10/28 Denbury Beaver Pond Festival
And Report and Pictures of the Festival             More Pictures

Jack Harrison and Mississippi Power Company make a large donation
to the Longleaf Trace at the 12/12/06 PTLRRT Board meeting

Dean Blakeslee inaugurates a Solo Round Trip Challenge

Trace Honors Carolyn McRaney

Board Attorney Stone Barefield retires

This picture was taken 6/21/06. The lady on the right is local, and she
is the grandmother of the kids.  The mother and children are from Colorado,
soon to be moving to Hawaii, where the husband will be stationed.

Nate Bender submits a poem about the Longleaf Trace
Drifting on the Longleaf Trace

Summer 2006 Outdoor American Article by Rodney Sessions

Henry Coulter visits the Trace 2-3 times each week,
traveling 10 miles each way. On this trip (6/3/06) he found
Epley Station in a bit of a mess, and took time to police
the parking lot and grounds. Thanks Mr. Coulter!

Some May pictures of the beautiful park along the Trace in Bassfield

The Pearl To Leaf Rivers Rails to Trails Board of Directors honors
board member Carolyn McRaney for her years of service to the Trace

Some April 2006 pictures taken at the Gateway, showing the location of the
Jerry Ryan Memorial Outdoor Complex, and the new butterfly garden

Support builds for  the side trail to Jeff Davis lake. See the
Hattiesburg American 4/3/06 article

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