The Longleaf Trace is South Mississippi’s premier recreational trail.  Extending from the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, through Sumrall, Bassfield, Carson on to Prentiss, Mississippi, it is home to biking, hiking, running, skating and horseback riding.  It extends 40.25 miles through the beautiful south Mississippi landscape.


Without your support, the Longleaf Trace may not fully become the recreational showcase it could and should be.  There is no user fee for this beautiful trace.  The Longleaf Trace relies solely on support from the communities and counties through which it traverses.


You too can help support the Longleaf Trace by becoming a Friend of the Trace.  Your contribution is tax deductible.  With your membership you will receive e-mail updates about upcoming events, logo items listed below, and qualify for a 20% discount on all logo items sold at the Gateway at Southern Miss when presenting your membership card.


Yes, I am a friend of the Longleaf Trace!  Here is my annual donation for:

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 $10 Longleaf Trace Friendship Student Membership: receives e-newsletter and removable

 Friend of the Trace car sticker.  (Must present a current student ID to be eligible for the $10 membership)

               $25 Longleaf Trace Friendship: receives removable Friend of the Trace car sticker. 

             $35 Longleaf Trace Friendship: receives removable Friend of the Trace car sticker and carabiner key holder. 

             $60 Longleaf Trace Friendship: receives removable Friend of the Trace car sticker, carabiner key holder, and a collectible T-shirt. 

             The Longleaf Trace is important to me.  I’d like to make a special donation of  $        to the

 Friends of the Trace.


A membership card will be mailed to you along with a copy of your receipt.  Come by and visit with us at the Gateway at Southern Miss and pick up your membership items.


If you are unable to come by to receive your membership items please call the Gateway at Southern Miss at (601) 450-2453. Mailing Address: The Longleaf Trace PO Box 15187 Hattiesburg, MS 39404