Rentals, Souvenirs, and Storage


Bicycle Rentals at the Gateway Southern Miss
Rental Period Comfort
Specialty Bicycles
(recumbent, tricycle,
tandem, trailer)
2 Hours $15 $20
4 Hours $20 $35
All Day $30 $50
Friends of the Trace receive a 20% discount on all bicycle rentals
Military personnel receive a 10% discount on all bicycle rentals


Conference Room and Pavilion Rentals at the Trace
Rental Period Longleaf
Conference Room
Gateway Southern Miss (Ryan)
 and Jackson Road
2 Hours $50 $50
4 Hours $75 $75
8 hours $100 $100
24 hours N/A $200
For room rental after normal Gateway Shop hours,
add an additional $15 a hour.
Table & Chair Rental (for Pavilion use)
Set is 1 table and 6 chairs
Rate ($6 minimum and $2 for each hour over 2 hours (Ex. 4 hour rental = $10)


Souvenir items available to purchase

Some of the bikes available to rent

A bulletin board with some recent items about the Trace

Bicycle Storage Service  

Storage area - the fenced in storage area located on the north side of the Gateway is the designated bicycle storage area.  

Storage area access - To access this area one enters the single door gate on the west side of the fence/storage area.  Customers who wish to rent space for their bike will be given the gate combination and will be required to also lock up their bike once placed into storage.

Bicycle retrieval - patrons may now retrieve their bicycles at any time. 

The rates are $15 per month or $45 paid per quarter or $150 paid yearly for one bike.

A rack that holds up to 5 bikes may be rented for $40 per month or $120 per quarter or $360 per year. 

Both quarterly and yearly plans require payment in advance.  Yearly rates offer discounts over quarterly rates

This rate schedule provides options ranging from $15 per month per bike down to $6 per bike per month..

Storing one bike and paying quarterly costs $15 per month.

A family or group of friends using the 5 bike plan paid yearly get a per bike rate of $6 per month.  (One person must be responsible for remitting the payment) 

Those using the service agree to hold LLT harmless in the event of any loss.  A security camera system will be installed to record all activity.

The fenced in storage area in back of the Gateway

See the schedule of hours for the Gateway
Call the Gateway at (601) 450-2453 or
(601) 450-5247 for more information